Health Safety Security

OpsMobil is committed to conducting business in a manner that protects the health, safety, and security of our employees, contractors, customers and the public.


The OpsMobil Operations Management System has been developed to ensure regulatory compliance and provides management processes to minimize harm to people, the environment, property and communities in which we operate.


Our project management teams have decades of experience managing process safety operations, health, security and regulatory compliance.


Our HSSE philosophy is simply stated:


  • We will do no harm to people, property or the environment

  • We will send only properly trained and competent personnel to execute planned and coordinated work

  • We respect and value our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate

  • Nothing is so urgent or important that it cannot be planned and executed safely and compliantly

  • Compliance with our systems, regulations, and commitments is not optional

  • We ensure active leadership by senior management to demonstrate commitment to HSSE

  • We empower all workers to take action regarding HSSE

  • We have a desire to learn and improve, and share knowledge throughout the organization



Environmental protection is a core value at OpsMobil. We are deeply experienced in environmental monitoring and management. The key to our success is integrating environmental incident prevention and protection measures into all of our projects and activities.


From environmental surveillance, environmental protection, waste management and well and site reclamation programs, OpsMobil is prepared to develop, implement and execute systems to meet our client's needs.


OpsMobil has a proven record implementing systems to positively affect:


  • Ground contamination

  • Ground erosion

  • Groundwater contamination

  • Surface water contamination

  • Air emissions

  • Biological receptors

  • Environmental stewardship and reporting


Emergency Response

OpsMobil ERP is developed in accordance with provincial, state and federal regulations. When responding to an incident, OpsMobil's objectives are to:

  • Protect human life

  • Protect the environment

  • Prevent escalation

  • Protect facilities

  • Maintain business continuity

  • Protect the company's and client's reputation


OpsMobil airborne capability and experienced incident response teams are uniquely qualified and equipped to respond to emergencies and unplanned events in remote work locations.


OpsMobil undergoes regular independent third-party audits to ensure that its emergency response processes meet or exceed provincial, state and federal regulations, as well as client and industry standards.


Business Continuity Plans

During an emergency or unplanned event, OpsMobil uses client-specific Business Continuity Plans (BCP) to minimize the impact on operations and critical business systems.  Critical business systems include:


  • Personnel such as managers, supervisors, operators, trade specialists, maintenance technicians, and pilots.  The BCP will include strategies for timely replacement or substitution of critical human resources with equal or greater competencies and capability.

  • Facilities and equipment such as pipelines, compressors, process equipment, camps, aircraft, vehicles and spare parts.  The BCP will include strategies for timely repair or acquisition of suitable replacement materials and equipment to reduce the likelihood of prolonged outage or downtime.

  • Services such as utilities, fuels, chemicals, fluid hauling, consumables, transportation, and logistics; the BCP will include strategies for timely substitution of critical vendors and outsourcing of services deemed critical to the operation.

  • Records keeping and administration such as regulatory reports and submissions, vendor and procurement records, P&IDs, drawings and engineering specifications; the BCP and regular business processes will ensure quality record-keeping systems are used and that critical records are retained and backed up as required.


Our HSSE certifying partners include:
  • ISNetWorld

  • ComplyWorks

  • Avetta

  • Deloitte

  • CQN Advantage

  • Enform (COR)